Isn’t it incredibly amazing to think of all the technological services that are available to us today? I often think how much we can reach out in many miles and still feel like we exist in the outer space with just a mere touch on the phone or a click on our laptop. The world has become so smaller breaking down the many island boundaries with this largely expanded technology innovations and connectivity. Long distance relationships that seemed very hard few decades ago had come down to more convenient ways of keeping in touch with the extreme capabilities we have with the technology in hand.

Businesses back then operated more on the power of human resources and in today’s context, human approach to business has changed more over into a strategical approach by letting technological advances and processes to replace the operational activities in the industry. We know that prior to introducing the digital dashboards for key performance analysis in a company, most were manually analysed by the employees at a weekly or monthly basis, which required a lot of time and effort. There was high possibility that these different formulas used in effort calculation, delivery formulas and any other area that required much of a complicated analysis to arrive at outcomes could result in human errors.

Having sat at a meeting with a set of data that are negative or rather fabricated when the actuals are the right opposite could be quite harming in the strategic policy formulation process. These different dashboards that were introduced helped businesses immensely to present, view and analyse the varying cycles business is taking along its way. See below two of the trends I bet anyone should await in this 2017 for high visibility in its application.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

These two trends have been discussed on and off for the past decade or so but there have only been different models and demonstrations of the use of these technologies but with the start of games like Pokémon go where people saw more usage of virtual reality in practice, there is high chance that these will be quite a topic discussed in the corporate sector in conducting global meetings, testing products and inspecting features.


This will be a big hit to all the professionals or white collard staff simply because these will use the intelligence of robotics that can replace the exclusive work of human. There are several repetitive, operational tasks that employees do on a daily basis, if these can be automated through this different AI trends, then they could spend more time focusing on business decision making process.

These are some of the trends that you could await in this 2017 to bring in a productive change to you and your place of work.

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