We know that when it comes to fashion, celebrity information we always turn into magazines like Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue, people and if we are to find new business trends, the best to turn up would be Fortune, Business Today, Upside, Success and whatever the interest area lies, we know what kind of source would quench our information thirst the most. Today, information is one of the most vital resources to any business as they need to be on the ball on an everyday basis to know what’s happening around. If their rivalry had acquired a company, they will want to know which company, at which price and the form of business it had turned it into because all these decisions would directly or indirectly affect them.

If you are an owner of a software solution company and your immediate competitor acquired a smaller private company that was working on telecommunication and information technology support services, which could be an alarm or warning that your rivalry now may have an upper hand in the game providing better software solutions. This news could reach you either off the net or through a different business network you are a part of but however the case is, it’s essential that you are alert on the incidents that’s happening in your direct and indirect business environment.  They could affect you both positively and negatively plus in most cases, companies fail due to their lack of environment al scanning being made.

We learn from the beginning of the day when we learn business knowledge areas, how important it is to be aware of the environment you operate in as your business policies should come out as a part of these several market waves. The companies operate in quite a pop culture now a days that the waves that could fluctuate your business is many in number than years ago when the environment was quite stable. Here are the top 2 sources that you must look into if you want to be updated with the exciting tech news.


This is a site which provides you information on both products  like new gadgets and also applications such as WhatsApp and any new services that are offered by the industry tycoons; Microsoft, Apple. Basically this covers a wide range of information when it comes to technology area.


For all those companies that innovate products using different business intelligence techniques and technologies, this could be heaven in a site as they can access information related to future of the new technology and trends related to games, software and several other new products coming out. This site claims to get over ten million views at a monthly basis.

These could come quite handy to you if you are looking out for great sources to hop into, search of these new technologies and trends. You better be on alert as you may need time to prepare to up your game in industry survival.



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