You walk into the kitchen to make a fresh smoothie; you open your refrigerator; get some skim milk, yoghurt, frozen fruits and go into the pantry. Pull out a peeler from the drawer and peel off the skin of the fruit where it’s needed and put them in your slicer. Take them out and then put them into the smoothie maker, mix in the rest of the ingredients and pour into your glasses. Look at this process and see how much technology has created an impact in our day today lifestyle. If we were to do all that by ourselves, probably it would have taken much more time than we could afford to spend. Technology innovations have made our life much easier, convenient and efficient in many ways.

Similarly, if you look at any business situation, human capital and technology plays a vital role in the success and performance.  Many ventures still think that adapting of technology belongs to the big companies that make larger profits but it’s not always the case. Although the scale, size and cost of technology investment could vary according to the different business, they could still make use of these innovations to gain better benefits. Here are some of the tips for all the small scale business people to encourage in adapting technology into your venture.

Better Customer Service

When business has new technologies to connect with their potential and existing clients, they have the ability to provide better customer service. They could not only connect through telephone calls but also provide support through online chat rooms, skype calls and other modes in providing instant response. It has become quite important for businesses to get back to the queries of the people for they have enough and more options to shop from and they can definitely make a move. At the end of the day, as a business you are at loss for people who don’t get responded on time or given proper feedback on their questions won’t return to this business 80% of the time.

Improved Efficiency

When people do certain operations, there is high tendency that human errors can happen plus their efficiency could be much lesser than that being done by a machine. a person at the cashier without a barcode reader could take a longer time entering the input codes of each product than that of a person using one and if they have a computerize inventory management system and billing system, the process could much faster and this results in improved efficiency.

Technology doesn’t necessarily mean buying high cost machinery and equipment, it could also be in means of systems and applications that help support business operations. These are some of the ways the small businesses could use technology.


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